hey, I'm Tiana
(aka TG The Mogul)

As a design connoisseur and photography visionary TG The Mogul, LLC was founded on unmatched vision to offer creative services professionally at an affordable rate. The brand brings high-end creative solution to those needing creative direction. As the creative solution to brands I assist in serving as their go-to graphic designer for branding, logo development, flyers, content creation, web design, and photography. My skills have allowed me to eliminate the visual communication hassle for my clients.

Here's just a little reassurance that you've picked the right designer for your brand. I've been doing graphics for nearly a decade, 9 years to be exact. I received my undergrad degree in visual communications, and I have assisted with multiple brands before launching as a creative company. Having worked with numerous clients such as Mom Redefined, Captivate, Dutchess of Ink owner of Pretty N Ink, #BuildYourOwnBrand Conference for BYOB, The Lux Pr Agency, and Whitney Austin...my brand has been seen and shared with thousands.

I value customer service, personable experiences, and extending high-end content quality. Each design is custom to the clients vision and branding. While some designers will give clients template designed flyers or logos (Make sure you ask!), I start each design from a blank Adobe Photoshop art board to custom design each project. So, with TG you are guaranteed to have cohesive marketing and quick turnarounds.

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Passion is born when you catch a glimpse of your true potential.
-TG The Mogul