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While most of you may know me as your sisters' wedding photographer or your favorite influencers graphic designer. However, as TG The Mogul, the creative director and brand manager, I've been in the creative industry over 10 years. With my creative edge I focus on scaling brands and retaining quality using agency design strategies and marketing.

Personally,  some know me as Tiana.

Over the years I have become multi-passionate in the creative industry as a creative director, speaker and visionary. My design style has an unmatched creative impact that offers a high-end innovative touch. Merging my passion for photography with my design expertise it has allowed me to become a powerhouse in the branding and marketing space to help some of the most well-known businesses scale their brand. After receiving my Bachelor's of Art in Visual Communications from THE North Carolina Central University in 2015 I begin to master my team building and networking skills. Since I have been able to mold my personal brand around collaboration and networking across to network up and motivational empowerment.

Through my professional creative agency Executive Mogul Management using agency ethics and my unique creative strategy I have assisted over 150 personal brands and businesses to scale their brand. In 2020, I joined the Legette Enterprises team as their CMO to bring high-end marketing to their business portfolio. As the visionary that I have become known as through my creative direction and photography in 2021, I stepped into mentoring and speaking.

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